5 reasons to choose Roni the Great's aronia berries

Roni the Great is the brand name of a range of high quality organic Greek Aronia extra virgin products in many flavours and combinations!

They are 100% natural, powerful antioxidants, anti-viral and anti-microbial, vegan, gluten-free, and have no added sugar!

The Roni the Great line of branded, private label and bulk products includes:
• Aronia juice 100%
• Natural fruit drinks with aronia (Boost, Dtox)
• Aronia fruit jams
• Aronia powder
• Dried / frozen / fresh aronia berries in bulk
• Iced Tea with aronia & spices

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The fruits of aronia come from our organic fields in Pella, North Greece, the birthplace of Alexander the Great! Roni the Great competitive advantages:

1. The soil, topography, and climate of our own large cultivable fields give large quantities of aronia fruits with the same quality characteristics like taste, aroma, size, color and ripening in the same period.

2. Moreover, the general terroir of the territory result in our aronia berries having a high brix value (25-30) which makes them sweeter and tastier while being pleasantly eaten fresh.

3. Above all, our processing site is closed to aronia fields, helping us to process just right after harvesting the first raw fruit, while keeping the nutrients and valuable contained essential polyphenols untouched.

4. Our organic cultivation, with consistency and ethics, results in the production of aronia fruits with zero (0) residues in 569 active chemical components (tested by an accredited laboratory for this purpose).

5. We are a flexible company that listens to our customers’ needs and adapts to them, regarding the production of custom-made products and new recipes like new flavors in juice and more.

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