Did you know that raw pomegranate seeds are packed with antioxidants?

In fact, they score a 4,479 on the USDA ORAC scale! But wait until you hear about Aronia Berries – they chart at an impressive 16,062 on the same scale. That’s almost four times more than pomegranates! While both fruits offer great nutritional benefits like Vitamin C and K as well as folates and fiber for your diet; Aronia berries have even higher concentrations of these nutrients plus calcium, iron manganese potassium zinc phyto-nutrients making them a better choice overall. So, why settle for less when you can get so much more from delicious aronia berries?

 Even more, aronia juice is the most powerful food product among other well-known foods such the pomegranate. In fact, a study conducted in November 2021 by some German institutions aimed to evaluate the virucidal activity of 4 natural products (aronia juice, pomegranate juice, elderberry juice and green tea) against 3 respiratory viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. The results of the study showed that aronia juice was the most potent food product tested, inactivating SARS-CoV-2 by 96.98%. It has been found in practice that rinsing the mouth with aronia juice can be effective as a preventive measure against the infection and spread of the virus symptoms in the oropharyngeal areas.

More on this debate, the pomegranate has scarcely any ill-effects, although individuals with plant sensitivities have encountered gentle hypersensitive reactions to the fruit. Reports have also demonstrated that imbibing pomegranate juice can really lower one’s blood pressure and should not be taken by those who are prone to low blood pressure. Pomegranates may meddle with pills for regulating hypertension and could affect how effectively the liver metabolizes certain medications. As of now, preliminary studies haven’t exposed any side effects from taking Aronia Berries!

 In summary, both the Aronia Berry and Pomegranate offer unique health benefits with their natural supplements and high levels of antioxidants. Including these fruits in a well-rounded diet can greatly improve overall wellness. Therefore, those who watch their diet or even more so (heart patients, diabetics, those suffering from liver diseases and hypertensives) one more reason to try and discover the beneficial properties of aronia, especially when it comes to Roni The Great fruits. grown organically in the fertile Greek land of N. Pella.

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