The Journey from plantation to plate:

A Look at Roni The Great’s aronia berry cultivation

Since 2016, we have been engaged in the organic growing of the aronia fruit. Our single expanse is situated on 30 acres and hosts 3000 plants at Drosero in Pella, within Giannitsa’s celebrated flatland, the land of Alexander The Great; it has its own fresh water and subterranean irrigation network. Moreover, a sparse planting system is employed which makes mechanisation more effective and manoeuvrable yet manual labour such as harvesting, proficient weed eradication, securing the foliage with string to poles plus fertilising during particular periods remain essential and parts of our practices too. Above all, however, we do what we do out of love and respect for the earth and with sustainable development in mind, so that it will generously give us its goods in the future. We reverently follow the principles of organic farming and our practice is certified by an external certification body.

Accordingly, the correct and punctual fertilization, adequate hydration as well as a particular landscape in the region which not only relates to its fertile soil but also copious sunlight culminates with an annual output of 20-30 tons of unprocessed organic aronia fruit containing high amounts of natural sugars (from 25 brix units up to 30), making it delectable for consumption fresh or even suitable for use when manufacturing juices along with other ingredients.

Σάββας Χατζηδημητρίου, παραγωγός

OUR PROCESSING UNIT: Exploiting the Finest of Aronia's Possessions

Aronia, with its characteristics and area of cultivation, served as the basis for a selection of products featuring our own organic fresh fruit as an essential element.

Thus we set up in Edessa a production line that brings to life branded aronia items but also manufactures goods on demand (fason). The output is produced following European food safety regulations particularly ISO 22000:2018 certification which we possess; besides this it complies with all necessary requirements concerning certified organic finished products. Our Roni the Great brand provides customers freshly squeezed juices, dried fruits, cold drinks & mixes for hot tea and jams plus puree powder made from Aronia berries!


The inspiration behind Roni The Great - Conquer your own world!

1) The source of motivation behind the naming and ethos for these products is Alexander the Great, who has been immortalized in history due to his remarkable life achievements; leading from Pella he was able to conquer much of the known world.

2) Research on aronia emphatically states that it can be classified as the Great Antioxidant.

3) This plant originates from the Prefecture of Pella, more specifically within Alexander the Great’s municipality

Thus, we have named our goods ‘Roni The Great’ as an exciting way to showcase our business activity! We urge you all to sample what we produce: feel natural energy flow through your body and use it as inspiration towards conquering any personal goals or ambitions, which may seem daunting at first glance.

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